Below is information that will help you through the Festival experience. For further assistance, please email our help desk at info@bostonjfilm.org. When sending us an email, include your name and phone number in the subject line.


Customer Service Hours during the Virtual Festival (March 14-21): 

  • Monday – Friday : 10am-3pm, 6-7pm
  • Saturday, Sunday : 5-7pm

Community Standards

The small but mighty Boston Jewish Film team is committed to providing a pleasant viewing experience for the audience. Please be patient if there are delays in responses to any questions/comments and know that we will respond as soon as we are able to.

In accordance with our Community Standards, Boston Jewish Film will suspend service to audience members exhibiting disruptive, inappropriate, or disrespectful behavior toward staff. Our Community Standards include: treating staff and guests with respect; verbal, online, and/or physical threats will not be tolerated. We respectfully request that online conversations be polite and relevant.

Community Standards have been adopted by Boston Jewish Film to help our organization and the entire festival community build a safe and supportive environment in which we can all continue to connect through our unique film programming and events.

Ticketing for Virtual Screenings

Tickets are only available online, at bostonjfilm.org (with credit card only). No refunds or exchanges.

  • General Admission: $10 ($8 + $2 processing fee per ticket.

Online: with a credit card at bostonjfilm.org. Before completing your order for virtual screenings, please check that your order is correct and that your system is compatible for streaming.

  • CLICK HERE For step by step instructions on how to purchase a ticket.

No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.

Yes, you need a Boston Jewish Film account. If you have ever purchased a ticket online to a Boston Jewish Film event you should already have an account. You can sign in with your email address or username. If you have forgotten your password, please follow the prompt to reset it. 

If you do not have an account, you will be asked to create one during the checkout process.  

CLICK HERE for step by step instructions on how to set up an account and purchase tickets.

Tip: Once you have set up an account, click  “remember me” so you stay signed in on your device.

Confirmation emails are sent automatically once your purchase is complete. If you do not receive your email within a few minutes of completion, check your Spam and Junk Mail folders.  Please make sure you add info@bostonjfilm.org as a trusted source.

If you still do not see the email, log in to your account using your username and password.

Once you have completed your purchase, refunds or exchanges are not available. All sales are final


Virtual Screenings

Films are available to stream from March 14-21. Once you begin to watch, you have 72 hours to complete viewing.

After purchasing a ticket, simply click “Watch Now”. This button appears on the confirmation page after purchase, in your confirmation email, and on the film page.

All patrons have 72 hours to watch a film after pressing “Watch Now.”

Films are available for purchase until March 21, 2024 11:59 pm

Films are available to stream  March 14, 2024 12 am – March 21, 2024 11:59 pm. Starting then, you can stream all purchased films by clicking on “Watch Now” in your confirmation email or on the film page.

For information on how to view virtual films, click here.

You will be required to sign in with your email address, or username.

The ability to watch on your TV is not a guarantee. No refunds or exchanges.  All Sales Are Final.

All virtual films in this program (March 14-21) are available to view in the US, except for Homeboys, which is only viewable for Massachusetts residents.

WHY? Boston Jewish Film has to geoblock films because of requirements from the filmmakers and film distributors. Most, if not all, virtual films have geoblocking restrictions. We are proud to be part of a large film festival community and to adhere to restrictions that help assure that other virtual film festivals across the country and abroad can expose their audiences to these films without having their attendance compromised.



  • PCs running Windows 7+ Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera. Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Intel-based Macs running macOS 10.12+ Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera

Viewing Tips: For best viewing, make sure to close any extra tabs in your web browser. If you have problems viewing in your usual browser, try another of the recommended internet browsers listed above.


  • Airplay from a computer, iPhone, or iPad to an AppleTV (Gen 2 and above) or to any Smart TV bearing the “AirPlay” badge
  • HDMI – Use an HDMI cable to connect your computer directly to your television
  • The ability to watch on your TV is not a guarantee. No refunds or exchanges.  All Sales Are Final.

Phone / Tablet

  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) Use Safari on iOS 11.2 or later. Screen mirroring is not supported for watching our films. Ensure it is turned off in your device settings.
  • Android devices Use Chrome on Android 6.0 or later

The ability to watch on your TV is not a guarantee. No refunds or exchanges.  All Sales Are Final.

If you have a laptop or computer with an HDMI port, you can use an HDMI cable to connect your computer to your TV, using it as a second monitor. You will need to have access to the back or side of your TV to check to see if your TV has an HDMI port and to make this connection.

Once connected, make sure the correct input source is selected on your TV. Your TV will then act as a second monitor for your computer.

When ready to watch films on your TV, you can either mirror your computer or use your mouse to drag the video window onto the TV screen.

*Check to make sure that Airplay is turned on your Smart TV. Should work on:  Newer smart TV from LG, Samsung, Sony or Vizio.  CLICK HERE for instructions

*Set Up Wi-Fi on Your iDevice to make sure its connected to the same router as your Smart TV.  Compatible devices include any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad capable of running iOS 11.4 or later.  CLICK HERE for instructions

*If you are unable to find Airplay settings on your TV or your iDevice, then they are not compatible to AirPlay.

AirPlay film from your iDevice to your SMART TV. CLICK HERE for instructions

For optimal screening experience, please make sure all your tabs are closed.  Recommended browsers include Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.  If you are having problems screening in one browser, please switch to another. (Internet Explorer NOT supported.)

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to display from your PC to your SMART TV.

We use adaptive bitrate streaming which means the streaming quality will automatically adjust based on your internet speed. If your internet connection is poor or inconsistent you may experience problems during playback. If you’re on wifi, try moving closer to your router.

Viewing Tip: For best viewing, make sure to close any extra tabs in your web browser. If you have problems viewing in your usual browser, try another internet browser. (We recommend Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge.) Internet Explorer is not supported.