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The Freedom to Marry – Interview with Director Eddie Rosenstein

Edward Rosenstein believes documentary film can inspire audiences as well as inform them. Based in Brooklyn, he has directed films about a senior center in Florida, a drug rehabilitation center in Harlem, and the boats that rescued thousands of New Yorkers on September 11, 2001. His film The Greatest Tunnel Ever Built, about the laborers […]

The Muses of Isaac Bashevis Singer – Interview with Director Asaf Galay

“Mainstream Israel already had its superheroes.” Asaf Galay explores Jewish and Israeli cultural history in a variety of visual media. He has curated museum exhibits on Jewish fashion designers, the Dreyfus Affair, and the late singer Amy Winehouse. In film, he has traced the history of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, analyzed Israeli humor, and examined the life […]

Natasha – Interview with Director David Bezmozgis

“It’s a matter of fact that large parts of a story or book have to be jettisoned when they’re transposed into film.” David Bezmozgis plumbs the surreal dimensions of the post Soviet diaspora in short stories, novels, and film—from coming of age tales set in a Russian-Jewish enclave of Toronto to a fast-paced face-off between […]

Projections of America – Interview with Director Peter Miller

“It’s important to think about how the world perceives us.” For Lexington Massachusetts native Peter Miller, history is a mirror that tells us not only who we are, but how we came to be. In documentary films including “Sacco and Vanzetti,” “A Class Apart,” and “Jews and Baseball,” Miller illustrates how events and ideas intertwine […]

Gitel – Interview with Director Robert Mullan

“They’re just not interested in that part of their history.” A polymath with interests ranging from spirituality to psychology to pop culture, Robert Mullan has directed more than 40 feature and documentary films and written over 20 non-fiction books. In “Gitel,” a feature film from 2014, Mullan tells the story of a young girl who […]

Rock in the Red Zone – Interview with Director Laura Bialis

Laura Bialis is drawn to the jagged but fertile fault lines that form when countries and cultures clash. In films about Soviet Jewry, post-war Kosovo, and the Holocaust, she showcases that rare brand of human resilience that not only survives but thrives in adversity. Her most recent film, “Rock in a Red Zone,” profiles the […]